Emily Beeson is an emerging artist who's passionate about shapes, color, nature, people and story. She's been doodling on the margins of notebooks, friends' denim jeans and paper airplane cocktail napkins for as long as she can remember and is most inspired by time spent outdoors, in the wild -- carefully observing every last detail in her surroundings with a deep Mary Oliver-esque appreciation of nature.

The mantra that guides her art, "You are already free," also motivates her in life, fueling and re-fueling her with courage to show up as her most authentic self in life and in her art studio practice. Emily creates both representational work and fluid "doodle-like" explorations of shapes and patterns that seek to express harmony, interconnectedness and rhythm in the composition -- in producing the latter, she is led more by intuition than technical skill. 

Emily currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a studio member at Art Explosion in the vibrant Mission District of San Francisco. She is readily available for commissioned work including murals and chalk murals. To inquire about a commission, please fill out the Contact form on the site.

Movement in Studio - photo by  Yon Sim

Movement in Studio - photo by Yon Sim